It is estimated that more than 50 million households in the European Union (EU) live in ‘energy poverty’. That’s to say, they have limited or no access to basic energy services (heating, cooling, lighting), which results in adverse consequences for their well-being and health, as well as for the environment. Cyprus is one of the EU Member States whose energy poverty rate is quite high.

The phenomenon of energy poverty and the solution of the problems which it brings to modern society are a global challenge. Energy poverty is a pressing problem which is affected respectively by the complex interaction of rising energy prices, the inability of people to pay their bills, reduction of their incomes and the levels of unemployment.

The purpose of the Cypriot Energy Advisory Office is to provide advice to consumers aiming to ensure more economical and safer “energy” living conditions. Acting specifically in this area, the Energy Advisory Office is supported by an experienced team, ready to inform and assist Cypriot consumers to improve their energy efficiency of their home, manage their consumption, and understand the functioning of the energy market, as well as to have access to the respective energy support mechanisms.

The main objectives of the Energy Advisory Office are:

  • To support consumers, and in particular vulnerable consumers, through the management of their energy consumption and improving their standard of living, helping them to find the most appropriate solutions, in particular existing energy support mechanisms.
  • Providing general advice on energy saving.
  • Informing consumers about the Ministry’s existing grant schemes for energy saving purposes.

Consumers in Cyprus wishing to obtain relevant information can call 22516112 and 99144661, or e-mail


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