STEP is an ambitious project, where 9 consumer organisations from the UK (Citizens Advice), Portugal (DECO), Bulgaria (BNAAC), Cyprus (CCA), Slovakia (SOS), Czech Republic (dTest), Poland (FK), Lithuania (ALCO) and Latvia (LPIAA) have teamed up to reach out and help improve the lives of people who struggle to pay their energy bills. Through advice, training modules and low-cost measures, these organisations will help low income consumers reduce their energy bills and improve their comfort, health and well-being.

STEP project: Consumer organisations team up to tackle energy poverty
The full STEP team at the project kick-off meeting in June 2019 in Brussels

The project is coordinated by BEUC, The European Consumer Organisation (Belgium). An eleventh organisation (ADE Research) is participating in the project and provides its research skills to quantify the energy savings reached and the impact of STEP measures on climate change mitigation.

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We will publish various studies over the course of the project. We will also provide training modules on energy efficiency which are free, highly replicable and translated into the project languages. Stay in touch and sign up to our newsletter to see this projects’ next deliverables.

The STEP project started in June 2019 and has a timeline of 2.5 years to deliver energy savings to vulnerable consumers.


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The STEP project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 847080.